Lymphatic Drainage

At Inquisitive Health Bodyworks, precise and the core of our lymphatic massage services. Our licensed therapist, takes pride in ensuring this community is well taken care of with our Triad in mind of Mind-Body-Spirit to provide the ultimate healing experience!

The lymphatic system plays an important role in our health with important functions related to our immune and circulatory systems. Flushing blockages of the lymphatic helps clear the path for new lymph fluids that keep out bodies healthy . At times, manual drainage may be required to remove the lymph fluid. Your needs can be met with with gentle manual techniques that promotes drainage, and improved function. Post surgery removal of excess fluid and blocked lymph fluid is a crucial step to the healing process and appearance. Come by and begin your Lympatic Massage Treatments at our center!

Now offering the Clinical Massage Subscribe & Save Package! Save on the recommended 6 sessions for optimal results!

Contact your local therapist to discuss how we can help keep you relaxed and improve general discomforts to improve your day to day function. You deserve it! Treat yourself or the mom to be in your life! Currently offering onsite services at our wellness center and remote services onsite – We’ll come to you! Call us now at 817-382-8255 or fill out the quick form below. Ready to Book? Click link below!

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