Elder Care Massage

At Inquisitive Health Bodyworks, care for our senior communities rests at the core of our hearts. Our licensed therapist, takes pride in ensuring the community is well taken care of with our Triad in mind of Mind-Body-Spirit.

As the body ages, so does its physical needs. Being prone to more age-related conditions and disease, myotherapy and massage therapy offers a gentle and focused approached to improve these conditions. Mobility may also decrease overtime and there may be more general aches and pains and overall functionality may need a little extra care. Those needs can be met with with gentle massage techniques that provide a wide range of physiological benefits that include:

  • Improving muscle and joint pain
  • Improving depression and general mental health through relaxation
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved blood circulation and cellular rejuvenation
  • Improved mobility and flexibility when paired with complimentary movement techniques
  • Gentle touch for anxiety, calming, soothing effects
  • and so much more!

Contact your local therapist to discuss how this service can help your cared ones. Currently offering onsite services at our wellness center and remote services onsite – We’ll come to you! Call us now at 817-382-8255 or fill out the quick form below.

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