Combating Inflammation

by: Yvonne Madison, LMT / Researcher and Writer *Applicable in-house Treatments and Services: Myotherapy Massage Therapy, Swedish Gymnastics, Mobility work, Contrast Therapy. Infrared therapies, Chromotherapy. (see disclaimer below as we do not treat, cure or diagnose medical conditions). Taking care of our body’s and having the ‘know-how’ to identify what triggers certain conditions is so…

Breast Cancer Awareness

Before this month ends, it’s so very important to show support to your loved ones and yourself by having the conversation about prevention! Be sure to see your doctor for a screening and subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date with focused content on day to day wellness practices! Try something New! with…

Happy Spring from Team IQH!

Here at Inquisitive Health, we have plenty in the works to offer a health conscious, exciting and transformative Spring! Let’s get going on those goals! Before we jump into goals, or revisiting them (since New Year’s Day)… let’s identify the 3 Main things we should all be doing in the Revamp! Step 1: Reflection Where…


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Hi, I’m Yvonne. Previously a tech-guru by profession, I became a full-time holistic practitioner and blogger back in 2006. I spend most of my time creating moments by traveling, doing foodie things, and enjoying music but this blog is for my love of finding ways to crack the code of the human body!


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